EtailPro Entrepreneur Scholarships
Apply Today and Receive Up To $2,000

EtailPro’s scholarship program is designed for anyone that has aspirations of starting their own business!

2017 EtailPro Outside Scholarship Program

At EtailPro, we understand that undergraduate studies can be a hard task to handle alone.

To help any rising freshman or currently enrolled student with aspirations of being an entrepreneur, we’ve created the 2017 EtailPro Scholarship. This scholarship is open to any students working towards an undergraduate degree or planning on attending an accredited college or university within the United States. Three winners will be chosen for this scholarship. First prize will receive $2,000, while two runner-ups will receive $1,000 a piece.

1st place: $2,000
1st Runner-up: $1,000
2nd Runner-Up: $1,000


All applicants must complete the short application below, including an essay (in 1,000 words or less) that addresses the following:

  • In your own words, describe the type of business you would create and how you would execute on making it successful?


  • Applicants must be applying to or currently be a student at an accredited college or university within the U.S.
  • Applicants must provide the essay required above.
  • Applicants must provide proof of acceptance to an accredited university or proof of enrollment (.edu email address)


To apply for the 2017 EtailPro Entrepreneurship Scholarship, please email the following information to

– First Name
– Last Name
– Phone Number
– Email Address
– Attach essay in a .doc or .pdf form


There is no deadline for submission, we will be awarding scholarships once each quarter.