3 Important Types of Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization Tweaks

More than two billion consumers use smartphones, and more than half of all mobile users will use smartphones to access the internet by 2018. Mobile conversion rate optimization has never been more vital, simply because of the massive mobile purchasing market that continues to grow.

Tweaks that improve conversion by a few percentage points may make the difference between a profitable campaign or a bust. Three of the most important mobile CRO improvements involve clear communication, timing of offers, and strong, appealing webpages.

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1. Use Time To Your Advantage


When Do I Display An Offer?

Timing is everything in marketing, including efforts to improve mobile conversion rate optimization. Finding the optimal moment to display an offer revolves around supply and demand: the best time to supply the offering occurs when sufficient demand exists. When a guest lands on your site, an immediate pitch to join an emailing list, download an eBook, or sign up for a free membership will probably annoy the visitor. You haven’t created the demand for your presentation yet. Give your visitors the opportunity to build trust and understanding, and look for proof that potential customers have been taking the time to digest the content on your website. At the very least, try waiting 20 seconds before displaying an offer, giving the visitor a chance to review your site. Another way to time your approach would be a pitch triggered by scrolling past a predetermined point on the page, indicating that the reader shows interest in the topic, increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert.


Creating Urgency

Urgency is another form of timing that improves conversion rates. Applying a deadline to an offer creates greater motivation for the visitor to convert. There’s a variety of ways – obvious and subtle – to create the impression of time running out:

  • – Mention a specific time limit for the offer.
  • – Display a countdown timer.
  • – Show that inventory is limited.
  • – State that it’s a limited time offer without a specific time frame.
  • – Use words and phrases which imply urgency, such as “today” and “start now”.


2. Clear and Simple Communication


Make Choices Quick and Easy For Your Audience

Whirlpool’s study of their own call-to-action optimization provides one of the best examples of the power of clarity. During A/B tasting of one of their pages, they reduced the number of CTAs from four to a single message. Using a “single, focused CTA”, the company ended up increasing click-through rate by 42%. Instead of a four-way choice of which section to click, the visitor’s decision instead boils down to a single “yes” or “no”. Increasing the clarity of the choice improved the odds of a decision being made. Time and space are premiums for mobile users, who tend to have higher demands for user experience and less tolerance for delays and difficulties. For mobile apps, users tend to decide whether the app is worth keeping after only 30-60 seconds. Your website will have even less time to impress, considering that 55% of visitors stay for 15 seconds or less when landing on your site.


Simple Landing Pages Communicate Quickly and Effectively

If a visitor doesn’t get what they expect, don’t know where to go, or lacks trust in your site, they will rapidly bounce. Since you have a quarter-minute or less to create a solid first impression with a visitor, you need to communicate quickly and efficiently. Your mobile landing page should remain focused on the following elements:

  • – Call-to-action which leads guest to the next step.
  • – Concise value proposition which inspires interest.
  • – Clear explanation of advantage provided.
  • – Key product and/or service details.
  • – Testimonials and social proof that builds trust.
  • – Call-to-action at the bottom of the page.

3 Important Types of Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization Tweaks

Limiting your landing page to these features has two positive effects for mobile conversion rate optimization. First, the visitor will be more likely to stay on the site when you address the main causes of bounce rates within the first 15 seconds. The second benefit involves reduced loading time for your mobile site. Studies have shown that a one-second decrease in load time leads to a conversion rate boost of up to 27% for mobile CRO. A lengthy landing page stuffed with your company’s entire product line, blog and history slows load times for all users, negatively impacting your bottom line. Test your speed through a free online service such as Pingdom to check how your site currently performs.


3. Presenting Appealing Offers


Reduce Clutter To Improve Conversion Rates

The visual presentation of offers greatly impacts mobile conversion rate optimization. In addition to straightforward communication, you need to use screen space sparingly when adding visual elements to your site. Regardless of the quality of your product or service, visitors will bounce and seek satisfaction elsewhere if your site features cluttered visual design, or elements which cause your page to grind to a crawl. An online sticker company discovered the value of streamlined web and graphic design while attempting to expand their homepage to include a greater range of products. The company decided to include 18 products along with their original page, greatly increasing the complexity and the clutter of their design. Testing alongside their original splash content, which had only four products listed, the cluttered pages lost all comparisons, including a 48% reduction in revenue.


Offers Should Be Easy On The Eye

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the following presentation tips tend to produce appealing, easy-to-read offers:

  • – Single, high-quality product image instead of multiple pictures.
  • – Plenty of white space around important messages and CTA.
  • – Bright buttons which draw the eye’s attention.
  • – Minimize the number of forms which the user fills in.
  • – Test page formatting across a variety of mobile screen sizes.
  • – Reduce brightness of backdrop to make the offer window stand out.
  • – Eliminate all non-essential visuals to reduce distraction.
  • – Simple, high-contrast fonts.

Clean, elegant presentation attracts and focuses attention while haphazard, busy visuals scatters concentration. Poor design draws the mind away from your offer, while great mobile sites enhance the effectiveness of your CRO.